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In situations where there is excess meat which can’t be shipped, or utilized at the conclusion of a group hunt, you have the option of donating your animal to help those less fortunate.  The 4 Amigos Ranch staff can prep, pack and ship your donated meat to local food banks, charities and shelters.

  • Ideal for hunters who are not planning on packing or transport
  • We take care of all cleaning, quartering and donation services
  • An easy way to help support local shelters, food kitchens and charities
  • We work with a wide range of organizations locally and throughout Texas

Contact 4 Amigos Ranch

Are you a charitable organization who could benefit from meat donations?  To learn more or get information on how to register with us, contact the 4 Amigos Ranch staff at 830-275-7991.  You can also write to us through our website’s contact page for information and details.

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