At 4 Amigos Ranch, we want your south Texas hunting trip to be as enjoyable, productive and stress-free as possible. So whether you’re hunting for meat or going after the perfect trophy for your collection, we offer a variety of hunt preparation, packaging and taxidermy services to our guests.

Cleaning & Quartering

4 Amigos Ranch performs all cleaning and quartering for all animals harvested on our property, at very affordable rates with optional deboning services available.


We have well-established relationships with some of the area’s most skilled and respected taxidermists, learn more about our mounting and trophy services.

Packing & Storage

In addition to our spacious walk-in storage freezer, 4 Amigos Ranch also offers expert packing services to accommodate those looking to transport their harvest.

Charity & Food Bank Donation

No plans for mounting, shipping or packaging?  We donate meat to local charities and food banks, while taking care of all cleaning, quartering and shipping.

Learn More About 4 Amigos Ranch Hunting Services

For answers to more specific inquiries on any of our ranch services, get in touch with 4 Amigos Ranch by speaking directly to our staff at 830-275-7991.  You can also e-mail your questions to us through our website’s contact portal.

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