Prized for its hog and ram hunting opportunities, 4 Amigos Ranch is one of the most popular places to hunt in South Texas. It’s also a popular place to get a chance at hunting for more exotic species. Nilgai are one such game, and are one reason why big game hunters come from all over the country to our ranch. Here’s what you need to know about hunting them.

nilgai hunting in Texas

Nilgai Hunting Basics

Nilgai are native to India and Pakistan, but South Texas is home to more than 35,000 feral animals after a ranch brought them to the area in the 1950s. The Texas government classifies them as exotic, which means there’s no bag limit, no possession limit, and no closed season. As long as you have a valid hunting license and permission from the landowner, you can hunt for them whenever and wherever you choose.

The Nilgai are large animals, with females averaging 300 to 400 pounds and males reaching close to 700 pounds. They’re highly sought-after for several reasons:

  • They make for a unique mount
  • Common Exotics and Whitetail Deer
  • They’re an elusive animal and difficult to hunt. Additionally, they take a large caliber rifle to take down – even seasoned hunters see them as a welcome challenge.
  • As a plentiful source of meat, they also help fill the hunter’s freezer with unique lean meat. Taste wise, they’re comparable to elk and axis and make for excellent table fare.

Hunting for Nilgai for $5,500 makes for a challenging and rewarding sport. At 4 Amigos Ranch, we make hunting for them simple by offering semi-guided tours that include lodging and the help of our knowledgeable staff. With strategic hunting stands placed throughout the ranch, all you have to worry about is lining up the perfect shot. To learn more about Nilgai hunting in South Texas or to schedule your trip, contact us today.

Non-hunting guests are welcome for $400 per person. Prices subject to change. 


Gun Rental - $100 per person

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