One of our most popular exotic game hunts on the ranch is the scimitar-horned oryx. These majestic exotic animals are said to have been behind the legend of the unicorn. Hunting for scimitar-horned oryx is extremely rare, as these animals are now extinct in the wild. 4 Amigos Ranch offers all-inclusive 3-day hunts for this type of game starting at just $5,000.

Hunt Scimitar-Horned Oryx in Texas

About the Scimitar-Horned Oryx

The scimitar-horned oryx is a desert antelope. They are mostly white, with light reddish-brown necks and sometimes marks on the face. Their tails are long, tufted, and dark in color. They have unique black skin that protects them from sunburn, while the white coat reflects the heat of the desert sun.

The horns are part of why hunters find the scimitar-horned oryx so exciting to hunt. Both male and female oryx have long, curved horns that can grow up to several feet long, making them excellent trophy animals. Their horns are long and ridged, with sharp tips. The oryx stands up to 4.6 feet tall at the shoulder, with a body length between 5 and 7.5 feet. They can weigh up to 460 pounds.

The Thrill of the Hunt at 4 Amigos Ranch

Exotic game hunts are epic adventures at our South Texas ranch. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or brand-new to game hunting, we offer a range of all-inclusive trips and packages. Hunters love 4 Amigos Ranch for many reasons, including:

  • Incredible lodging at our 5,000-square-foot ranch
  • Delicious food included in the price
  • Friendly staff members and knowledgeable guides
  • Unbeatable exotic game hunt prices

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime scimitar-horned oryx hunt at one of the most desirable hunting destinations in South Texas. Call (830) 275-7991 to book your hunt.

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