It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of your adventurous spirit—more specifically, the primitive call of the wild that beckons you to the great outdoors. Rediscover your sense of discovery, and step outside of the ordinary at 4 Amigos Ranch with our “Exotic Hunt” package.

Exotic Hunt Packages

On this semi-guided adventure, you get to choose which species you’d like to harvest: blackbuck antelope, axis deer or fallow deer.

And all you have to worry about is setting up that perfect shot on one of our strategically placed hunting stands. Your three-day, two-night stay on the ranch includes food and lodging (with towels, linens and bedding). You can upgrade your trip to hunt for a predator, and more hunting, if you’d like.

Skinning and caping is included with your package, and your meat will be quartered and frozen for you to take home and enjoy. If you’d like to display your trophy, 4 Amigos Ranch is also happy to arrange all of your taxidermy work and have the final product shipped to your home.

Whether you’re in Texas or looking to visit for a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience, 4 Amigos Ranch continues to be a favorite among those who take their hunts seriously. For more information on hunting in South Texas, give us a call at 830-275-7991 or drop us a line on our website.