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An exotic animal hunt in South Texas could be just the adventure you’re looking for this year. All the exotic game hunts at 4 Amigos Ranch are unforgettable, but the sika buck hunts are extra special. The sika deer, or Japanese spotted deer, is a unique game animal only found in Texas on estates and zoos. Book this once-in-a-lifetime hunt starting at just $2,750 by calling (830) 275-7991 today!

What Is a Sika Buck?

Sika deer are small animals native to Japan, eastern Asia, and Taiwan. They are mostly nocturnal. The bucks live alone in fall and winter and in groups of other males in spring and summer. The most striking characteristic of the sika buck is its white spots. Other trademarks of this exotic animal include:

  • Reddish-brown to dark brown or black coats
  • White rump
  • Narrow antlers on males
  • Shaggy mane on the neck
  • Height of around 2.5 feet tall
  • Males weigh around 90 pounds

Hunting for sika bucks is a unique and rewarding experience many hunters will never get to have. 4 Amigos Ranch is offering this all-inclusive exotic hunt starting at $2,750. Check out our FAQ page for answers to your most common hunting trip questions.

Why Hunt at 4 Amigos Ranch?

Sika buck hunts at 4 Amigos Ranch are fun, exciting, and rewarding. Our exotic hunts are semi-guided, spanning three days and two nights. Food and lodging at our incredible 5,000-square-foot lake view lodge are included in the price of the hunt. We also include skinning and quartering services, as well as taxidermy arrangements and shipping to your home. Set up your amazing sika buck hunt today! Call (830) 275-7991 or submit a query online.

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