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Come hunt exotic blackbuck antelope at beautiful 4 Amigos Ranch, located in one of South Texas’ most desirable places to hunt. We offer semi-guided exotic hunts starting at $3,000 for blackbuck antelope. These excursions are three days and two nights of hunting exotic game, with all food and lodging expenses included.

About the Blackbuck Antelope

The blackbuck antelope is indigenous to India. It is a relative of gazelles and the gerenuk. Adult blackbucks are unique for many reasons, including:

  • Striking horns on mature males. Horns on adult males are long, averaging between 16 and 20 inches, with the record at 28.1 inches.
  • Signature V-shape. A blackbuck’s majestic horns are V-shaped and spirally twisted. They have pronounced ridges from top to bottom.
  • Unique color differences. Blackbuck antelopes also have striking color differences between males and females, as well as between mature and immature males.

The color contrast is greater than any found in the animal’s other antelope relatives. Mature male blackbucks have a black-and-white coloration, while immature males and females are reddish yellow in color. The average male blackbuck weighs between 75 and 100 pounds.

What to Expect on Your Exotic Hunt

The blackbuck antelope hunt at 4 Amigos Ranch brings hunters on an exciting three-day journey through our South Texas ranch, complete with food and lodging, for blackbucks. It is an all-inclusive hunt, complete with skinning, caping, and quartering of the meat on all game harvested. We can also arrange taxidermy work to preserve the unique blackbuck antelope for you and we can arrange for shipping to your home.

You bring your favorite hunting clothes and weapon of choice, we’ll bring the guides and blackbuck antelope hunting expertise. Visit our frequently asked questions page for general information, or call (830) 275-7991 today to book your blackbuck antelope hunt.

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