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Why settle for everyday targets when you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime hunt for rare and exotic game right in South Texas? 4 Amigos Ranch has brought some of the best hunting game from around the world right to the Lone Star State. You can hunt axis deer at our enormous ranch, located in one of the most desirable hunting destinations in the state. All-inclusive exotic game hunts for axis deer at 4 Amigos Ranch start at just $3,000.

Why Hunt Axis Deer?

The axis deer, or chital, is a unique species native to India. It has been called the most beautiful deer in the world, with characteristic white spots on chestnut brown fur. They also have white throats and tails, and black stripes running down their backs. It is a moderate-size deer, with large males weighing around 250 pounds.

Male axis deer can have hard antlers year-round, as they shed on their own clocks rather than by the season. The antlers curve back and upwards, typically with three or four tines off one main beam. Many hunters agree that axis deer yields the best-tasting venison you’ll ever eat! Axis deer meat is tender, with mild flavor and less than 1% fat.

What You’ll Get During an Exotic Hunt at 4 Amigos Ranch

Hunting axis buck at 4 Amigos Ranch is not your average hunting experience. We boast unparalleled customer service and hundreds of five-star reviews. Hunters choose us for many reasons, such as:

  • Exotic game hunts with us come with delicious food and incredible lodging included.
  • Game skinning and quartering is also included in the price of the hunt.
  • If you wish to keep a trophy axis buck, we can arrange taxidermy services and shipments to your home.

Whether it’s your first wild game hunt or you’re an experienced exotic hunter, you’ll love the axis buck hunting package. Call (830) 275-7991 to book yours today.

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