When it comes to high quality, realistic hunting calls, Primos is a company that continues to give hunters more options for attracting game, waterfowl, turkey and more.  We at 4 Amigos Ranch have been using their calls and specialty hunting gear for many years, and continue to partner with them as one of our pro outfitters of choice.


Primos Hunting Calls

Regardless of whether you hunt duck, deer, turkey or more exotic species, having the right hunting call in your pack can make all the difference. Primos has been manufacturing some of the best calls in the market for over 30 years, and today they’re regarded as one of the industry’s pioneering leaders. They offer an impressive selection of elk and deer calls, some of today’s most popular waterfowl calls, as well as predator and specialty calls.

Game Tracking Cameras

Primos hunting cameras continue to be a favorite among high-tech hunters, and equally popular among outdoors enthusiasts who are new to cameras and big game tracking. They offer a nice selection of game cameras in prices to meet most budgets, with their most advanced unit offering 16 megapixel stills and up to 720p HD video captures, among many other features to make your hunt more successful.

Gear & Shooting Accessories

They may be known best for their popular hunting calls, but Primos is also one of the most trusted providers of hunting accessories, as well.  They have a vast selection of ground blinds, take out seed, attractants/scent control, archery supplies, decoys, lighting and more to help you get the most from your hunting adventure. And don’t forget to check out their TV Show, Primo’s Truth About Hunting, too!

We at 4 Amigos Ranch know the importance of having a solid strategy when it comes to a successful hunt, and Primos has been helping hunters do that for decades. We’re proud to have them as one of our pro outfitter partners and encourage you to check out their line.

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