Anyone who loves hunting knows that choosing the right gear is just as important as choosing the best place to hunt.  You never know what you're going to run into while out in the wild, and this makes it crucial to have everything you'll need to endure even the most unpredictable situations.  Whether it's having the right camping equipment for an unexpected turn in the weather, or tactical gear and camo for getting off that perfect shot, the need for quality hunting supplies simply can’t be overstated.

As one of the most popular places for South Texas hunting, 4 Amigos Ranch has had the opportunity to buy and test gear from some of the country's leading suppliers.  Here are a few reasons why we recommend Badlands Packs for those seeking the highest level of quality, performance and value.


Hunting Packs

There's no running back to the truck when you're out in the great wide open, so you'll need a pack that can carry everything you need for a successful hunt.  We love Badlands selection of hunting packs and have been using them for years. They have many choices when it comes to hunting packs, including those designed for long hunts, day hunts, lumbar support, hydration and more.

Camo Gear and Apparel

If you take your hunts seriously you already know how important it is to remain invisible.  We love the camo hunting apparel from Badlands, and there's no shortage of choices.  They have a really nice selection of everything from camo jackets and base layers, to bibs, vests and waterproof camo pants.

Specialty Hunting Gear

It makes no difference whether you're on a day hunt, or spending an extended amount of time in the outdoors.  The right gear will ultimately determine how rewarding your time in the wilderness is.  If you've never seen Badland's specialty hunting equipment you've got to check it out.  We at 4 Amigos Ranch are big fans of their gear, especially their large selection of camping equipment, optics and accessories.

The Best Hunting Calls for the Best Gear

Regardless of whether you're hunting at 4 Amigos Ranch in South Texas or someplace closer to home, you can't afford to skimp on the equipment you bring with you.  To learn more about Badlands packs, gear and other essentials, check out their website.  Or give us a call at 830-275-7991 and one of the 4 Amigos Ranch staff will be happy to help you learn more.

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