Rams present a variety of challenges rarely seen in other types of hunting. Hence, ram hunting's status as one of the most sport's most rewarding niches. With the right equipment, a little patience, and a healthy dose of curiosity, you can emerge from your very first ram hunting expedition with the ultimate success story.  

man with ram trophy

Field Judging

With ram hunting, locating game is half the battle. Patience is critical. Be prepared to spend significant amounts of time in a single location, scouring the landscape for signs of life.

When possible, target older rams. This is the most eco-conscious approach, as older game is more vulnerable to predators — and aged rams are already at the end of their reproductive lifecycles. Determining their age can be tricky, but it's also entertaining. Keep an eye on horn circumference and age rings to get a better sense of lifespan.

The Importance of Optics

Because horn size and shape play such a significant role in ram hunting, it's important to seek the best possible optics. These are arguably even more important than guns or bows, as it's impossible to score if you fail to spot game in the first place. High-end rangefinding binoculars are essential, as are spotting scopes that provide crisp images.

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