Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned expert, there’s always a feeling of excitement before a hunt. But to ensure it’s enjoyable and safe, proper preparation is key. Here’s a step-by-step checklist to follow before heading out on your hunt at 4 Amigos Ranch.

Man and dog sitting by the campfire at 4 Amigos Ranch in Eagle Pass, TX


Located in South Texas, the weather can change dramatically throughout the year, and you need to be prepared for anything. During the hot summer months, we suggest dressing light and wearing camouflage and microfiber shirts because of their moisture-wicking abilities to prevent you from getting saturated with sweat. In the cooler months during fall, winter, and early spring, you’ll want to dress warmly, wearing a hat and gloves and a comfortable outer layer like fleece.

Regardless of the season, we suggest wearing waterproof boots to keep your feet dry and prevent chafing and blistering. Note that all hunters are required to wear orange vests and hats for safety, which are available for sale in our pro shop.

Food and Beverage

Staying fueled and hydrated is extremely important on your hunt, so you’ll want to be sure to bring along enough food and beverage. At 4 Amigos Ranch, we provide the essentials like meals, water, juice, and coffee. But if you want extras like snacks or Gatorade, be sure to bring them along. Note that during hot weather, it’s recommended to drink one cup of water every 15-20 minutes to prevent dehydration.


Hunting is a very personal activity. So when it comes to weapons, use what you prefer. That said, we require hunters to use a .243 caliber or larger rifle for hunting hogs, rams, Whitetail Deer, and exotic animals. However, a .270 caliber rifle or larger is ideal for hog hunters, which is what we recommend.

When it comes to bow hunting, we require hunters to pull at least 40 lbs or a 28-inch draw with 3 or 4-bladed broadheads. We ask that you don’t use field tips or 2-bladed broadheads. You can find more on weapon requirements and how to choose the best weapons here.

Other Accessories

Some other accessories that can make for a better hunt, include:

  • Quality binoculars
  • Rangefinders for bow hunting
  • A flashlight
  • A spotlight for night hunting
  • Basic toiletries and grooming essentials

Have any questions, or want to learn more about hunting at 4 Amigos Ranch, including our lodging and specials? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! You can get in touch through our secure contact form or by calling 830-275-7991.