Whether you’re on the prowl for wild hogs or exotic game, you can look good on your 4 Amigos Ranch adventure. Think of it this way: With its long corkscrew horns and chocolate coat, the blackbuck antelope is guaranteed to look sharp, so don’t let your future trophy show you up.

The key to staying stylish on your hunting expedition is keeping comfortable while looking cool. This means lots of earth tones, leather, and breathable fabrics like cotton or moisture-wicking polyester. It also means skipping shiny objects (like rings or watches) that could create a glare and startle the animals.

To avoid baking in the Texas sun, consider a lightweight camouflage t-shirt with odor-fighting and stain-resistant properties. In the cooler months, layers are essential for all-day comfort—think vests and long -sleeve t-shirts. To top it off, add a quick-drying, waterproof jacket with lots of zippered pockets to keep your valuables secure while you’re on the move.

Even in the summer, shorts are not ideal, as dry grasses and weeds can be hard on exposed skin—not to mention the mosquitoes. Make sure your pants fit well and stretch, to allow you to move easily.

Choosing the perfect pair of boots is also essential to a successful hunt. Kangaroo leather is stronger and more durable than cowhide, while breathable, waterproof lining like Gore-Tex will keep you dry on drizzly days. Good traction on the soles is important for stealthy, confident movement on all terrains.

Don’t forget to camouflage your face and hands with a mask and gloves. Even the smallest detectable movement can startle your prey. Some of our favorite brands to check out include Badlands, Kuiu, Primos, Sitka and Work Sharp. Don’t forget that effective hunter orange vests and hats are required on the ranch.

Now good luck on your hunt!